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Edward Weston: His Life , p. Ted Shawn Christmas card, Photograph by Edward Weston, This major outdoor spectacle staged for an evening audience of 10, in the natural amphitheater at the base of Eagle Rock also featured Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn's fairy ballet including Martha Graham and a giant orchestra.

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For much more on St. The marriage of Pole and Taggart took place in Chicago the following summer. Helen and her mother Martha had gone to Chicago for a lengthy visit with relatives. Greek Theater, Pomona College, Claremont, ca. Myron Hunt, architect , In Pole landed the position of Pomona College drama director and produced student performances of Shakespeare and Greek drama in the campus's recently completed Greek Theater see above. Both Poel and Ordynski were questioned during interviews what they thought of Griffith's "Intolerance" and both deferred to Griffith.

During , the seemingly indefatigable Pole divided his time between Pomona College, Cumnock School and other various troupes and productions in and around Los Angeles. Woman's Club of Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd.

She moved to San Francisco in and at first decided to open her theater there while Browne and Van Volkenburg opted to stay in Chicago. From Alofsin, p.

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Hollyhock House, perspective view, Los Angeles, Alofsin, p. Mary Austin, front center, rehearsing the cast of "Fire" for a performance at Carmel's Forest Theatre. Herbert Heron played the lead role of Evind, the fire bringer. George Sterling as Atla the hunter, upper right.

She soon responded to Austin that she needed a larger city for her vision to succeed. Herbert Heron, director, Forest Theatre, Carmel. Courtesy Carmel Harrison Memorial Library. The production starred the likes of Douglas Fairbanks and Tyrone Power and was staged in the acre natural outdoor amphitheater in Beachwood Canyon. Courtesy of Library of Congress. Players Producing Co. Warren, p. Frayne Williams as Hamlet, Margrethe Mather photo. Kirah Markham in "Nju. Lawrence 's " The Widowing of Mrs. Holyroyd ," both under Pichel's direction.

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Karasick, Carleston Publishing, , pp. Author's note: For much more on D.

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Lawrence ". Barnsdall and the bisexual Ordynski had a brief, turbulent affair in November which resulted in Aline becoming pregnant. The couple had a falling out after Aline's condition became known prompting Ordynski to resign from the company after only two plays and apparently begin a relationship with George Hopkins. Barnsdall carried on with substitute directors Frayne Williams, Herbert Heron, and Irving Pichel who ably filled in for Ordynski for the season's remaining four plays including Schnitztler's " Anatol " in which Williams played the leading role see below.

Frayne Williams as Anatole, ca. Photo by Margrethe Mather. From Warren, p. Courtesy J. Paul Getty Museum, Trinity Auditorium, S. Grand Ave. Thornton Fitzhugh, Frank G. Deckbar, architects , He also likely discussed his plans with Reginald Pole's uncle William Poel during their mid-November reunion mentioned earlier above.

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  6. Despite their acrimonious breakup, Ordynski was able to convince Barnsdall to finance his grandiloquent production and stage it at the 3, seat Trinity Auditorium see above. After committing to finance Ordynski's production Barnsdall was quoted, "Whatever is worth doing along this line is worth doing well. No expense should be spared to make the play as perfect as possible.

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    George Hopkins, Photo by Edward Weston. Johan Hagemeyer Collection. Violet Romer as a Peacock by a Pool , ca. Costume likely by George Hopkins. Courtesy of The Huntington Library, Benton, architect , Dixon attributed this commission as a major turning point in his career.

    This most likely brought him into contact with Barnsdall's set designers Geddes and Hopkins. Gebhard, p. Lloyd kept his father up to date on Barnsdall's activities by letter. After an extremely brief courtship the couple were married on November 18th. The ceremony was witnessed by Mott Montgomery, a mutual architect friend of Lloyd and Barry Byrne whom they met in The ambitious Markham was likely attracted to the connections Lloyd was privy to at Paramount and also later claimed she was seduced by the fame and architecture of his larger-than-life father.

    Riggio, University of Illinois Press, , p. Around the time Markham began rehearsals for "Everyman" she was already reporting back to Dreiser on the difficulties with her marriage. Dreiser letter to Markham, December 14, , Riggio "Letters," pp. Kirah Markham, from the W.

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    7. The Crisis of Theory: E. P. Thompson, the New Left and Postwar British Politics;
    8. Alexandria Hotel, S. Spring St. John Parkinson, architect, , addition. Chicago Examiner , May 17, , p.

      Dreiser left for New York a few months later and was soon joined by Markham on occasion as her Little Theatre touring schedule permitted. For more on this see my " WWS ".

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      Riggio, "Letters," p. Theodore Dreiser in his Greenwich Village apartment at W. In Chicago Dell wrote influential reviews commending Dreiser's early novels.

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      Dee, , p. Kirah Markham ca.