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Magnus is a shape shifter who gets stuck as a cat and can't change back. Alec had a terrible day but on his way home he saves a certain kitty from a tree Shortly after his engagement to Alec, Magnus is accidently turned into his younger, year-old self and has to deal with the modern shadow world, a lot of new faces and his own sexuality.

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Aka A slow burn Malec lovestory with a confident, very persistent Alec and an easily flustered, insecure Magnus. However, when a misstep led to him landing on and IED and being shipped home with a brand new prosthetic leg and a hefty case of PTSD he finds himself on the business end of group therapy sessions run by his sister's dorky boyfriend.

Decks with Magnus

With physical therapy having stalled out and nightmares keeping him awake, Simon suggests an alternative form of therapy. Which brings him to the door of Bane's Therapeutic Dance Studio. The only problem?

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He's more focused on his dance instructor's mesmerizing hips than learning his dance steps. There are dark times rising in the Shadow World. Warlocks are considered an enemy number one and every shadowhunter has strict orders from the Clave to kill them on sight. What will happen when Magnus Bane tries to deal with this horrible situation? Will he be able to protect himself and the people he loves? Magnus, after four years of traveling around the world decides to return to New York, reopen the Pandemonium and get on with his life, but it won't be that simple, someone is killing sorcerers and he, along with the director of the New York Institute, Alec Ligtwood , must catch the killer, and the hardest thing for him, deal with all the mixed feelings that surface when he is with his ex.

Magnus always said that the past didn't matter, and for a long time Alec felt the same. However, Camille told him about Magnus life, many aspects of which he had not known. Despite all assurances that the past didn't matter, Alec wanted to know. When Alec asked Magnus about his past Magnus often tried to avoid an answer or change the subject. Camille instead answered him without hesitation.

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  • He loved Magnus. He really did. But he had not realised that soon, it had become a habit to just talk to Camille about Magnus rather than Magnus himself. However, all these secrets began to distance them from each other. I thought I would get used to the idea of having to leave one day.

    I thought I would be more prepared when it was time. Magnus came to Mombasa to meet a few warlocks. He ends up wandering on the beach in the morning and bumps into Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He doesn't know who or what Alec is as he has his runes covered with makeup because he's incognito. She disobeyed their orders and now she's been stripped of her birthright - forced to spend the rest of her life as a mundane.

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    • For one whole year her friends and family have been without her, and everyday is just as painful as the last even if their individual careers have done nothing but excel. Cast Animation : 0. Cast Range : Wave Distance : Returning Shockwave Slow Duration : 0 2. Increases travel distance and speed, and causes Shockwave to come back.

      Return wave slows units, but deals half damage to creeps. Shockwave: Dispellable with any dispel. Shockwave Pull: Dispellable with any dispel.

      Joerlak was a somewhat unstable mass, and Magnus has learned to channel its reverberations. Notes: The Shockwave travels at a speed of , taking 1. Hit enemies are pulled towards the center of the Shockwave and towards Magnus. The further enemies are from the center of the shockwave, the stronger the pull force is towards its center than towards Magnus.

      Magnus : Artifact Card

      Pulls hit enemies range over 0. The shockwave first applies the debuffs, then the damage. Plays an initial sound and particles upon start casting. When upgraded, the shockwave travels back to where the caster was upon cast, and not to where the caster currently is, or is upon reaching max distance. The returning shockwave acts like a separate cast. Therefore, enemies at the very tip may be hit only once.

      Anyone can beat Magnus at chess!

      This is because Shockwave does not hit units behind the caster, so units hit by it range beyond its max travel distance do not get hit upon returning. On the other side, units range beyond the original cast point do get hit. On its way back, the shockwave can hit previously already hit enemies a second time. The slow from the returning shockwave lasts longer. Treats creep-heroes as creeps, dealing The slow of multiple casts does not stack, it only refreshes the duration. This includes the returning shockwave from the upgrade. Ability Target Unit. Damage Physical. Gives an allied unit bonus damage and cleave on attack.

      Empower: Dispellable with any dispel. With a deep bellow, Magnus displays his true power. Notes: Only increases base damage and that given by the primary attribute of affected units. Raw bonus damage is not increased. The unit's current main damage is periodically checked, and the bonuses adapted instantly. Grants melee targets cleave and attack damage, and ranged targets only attack damage.

      Magnus Wennman

      Cleave damage cannot be amplified with spell damage amplification and cannot spell lifesteal. Cleave damage is reduced by Damage Block. Cleave damage depends on the attack damage value of the cleaving unit, not on how much their primary attack target took. The complete cleave area is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid in front of the attacking unit. Fully stacks with other sources of cleave.

      Each source of cleave works completely independent. Does not cleave upon attacking wards , buildings or allied units. Wards and buildings are unaffected by cleave. Despite the visual effect, cleave damage is applied instantly in the whole area. Magnus rushes forward, goring enemy units on his massive tusk.

      Heroes hit on the way will be dragged to the destination, then damaged and affected by slowed movement and attack speed. Cannot hit spell immune enemies. Slows and attempts to damage enemies when they turn spell immune while already hit. Getting rooted while already charging does not cancel the charge. Skewer Movement: Undispellable. Skewer Impact: Undispellable. Skewer Slow: Dispellable with any dispel. Magnoceros horns are valuable in direct proportion to their danger to prospective merchants.

      Magnus Benzie

      Notes: Magnus charges at a speed of Moves Magnus in When targeting any distance which is not a multiplier of that number, it gets rounded down. This means the minimal possible distance is During the Skewer, Magnus is fully disabled.

      Enemy heroes within radius around Magnus get moved in front of him and dragged along. Dragged heroes are stunned during the drag. Dragged heroes land range away in front of Magnus at the end of the charge.